I like WordPress.com Better

Just a little note to all those people who have been told Wordpress.org is better. I have found after two years of experimentation, that Wordpress.com is better.

After trying WordPress.org and WordPress.com for two years, I think WordPress.com is better.

Every time I tried to get any help from a host (other than WordPress.com), the host offered to build me a web site for $5,000 or more.  It has happened two times.

Building a Web Site is Hard

I even built a web site on wordpress.org — buttpillow.com — and I haven’t been able to do anything with it.  I paid extra to have the best firewall and used Gutenberg, but allegedly Gutenberg was taking up too much space; so If my firewall is up, all my pages get re-routed with errors.

Right now my firewall is down so I can’t sell anything.   I still don’t have a cart after almost a year because my firewall cannot be used even though I paid for it.  When I called to troubleshoot about the firewall situation recently, of course, they advised since I built buttpillow.com myself, they would need to rebuild it for $5,000 or more since they will not attach a cart to a web site unless they build said web site.

Moving Content Back to WordPress.com

I am in the process of moving the content from Buttpillow.com to buttpillows.net and then will set up my cart.

I hired a different expert to do the cart on Buttpillow.com, which is on WordPress.org Gutenberg.  We’ll see how that works out.

Just a little note to all those people that have been told WordPress.org is so much better than WordPress.com. . .I find it to be the opposite.


Author: Melanie Loomos

I was a court reporter for 10 years and spent most of my time in very uncomfortable chairs. As a result, I spent years researching seating and submitted two patent applications: "The Carpal Tunnel Chair,” and "The Pillow with Cantilever Supports," which was granted and became The Buttpillow®. Subsequently, The Buttpillow® was improved upon as it was determined different embodiments were needed for proper ergonomic positioning depending on the individual sitter. The Patented "Ergonomic Seating Cushion,” was was granted by the USPTO; and was later amended to include an embodiment specifically to help women maintain the natural curve of their lumbar spine during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. An extreme lumbar curve that restricts blood flow to the fetus is the only external risk factor for low birth weight babies. Subsequently, in 2003, I invented Ergosoft™ break reminder software based on OSHAs Ergonomic Standard so people can identify and minimize ergonomic risk factors for the development of sitting-related pain, eye strain, DVT and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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