After spending years doing criminal jury trials, I started suffering with Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s) including carpal tunnel syndrome, and back pain.  After one very long jury trial, I discovered I also had hemorrhoids from sitting for so long (I believe).  I brought a doughnut pillow to court; and, of course, all the lawyers made fun of me.

To the mocking lawyers, just sitting on a doughnut pillow was “evidence” that I had hemorrhoids.  This made me so mad that I  ended up inventing the Patented Ergonomic Seating Cushion which is for pressure reduction, back pain and has a hidden utility of elevating the peri-anal area for people suffering with hemorrhoids or prostate pain.

I sold that cushion on my own web site for a while, Buttpillow.com (the name is taken by someone else now) and then got an offer to have it sold on TV.  When my manufacturer heard, they decided to get greedy and trippled the cost of manufacturing the cushions.  I didn’t seek a manufacturer outside the country as I heard all these horror stories about child labor, etc.

My husband, Darren Salinger, M.D., OB/GYN, and I did further research and developed a cushion for women during pregnancy to minimize back pain and also the only external risk factor for low birth weight babies (the extreme lumbar curve in the third trimester).

We also invented Ergosoft Ergonomics Softwarde based on OSHA’s Ergonomics Standard, starring Anka Rominsky (Playboy) as Ergo-Woman, Hardy Hill (Big Brother) as Ergo-Man; and Darren Salinger, M.D., OB/GYN as Ergo-Doc which educates about ergonomics when it reminds individuals to take a break with an Ergo-Tip in an entertaining way.

We intend to do an Ergosoft giveaway, since no one seems to know what ergonomics is; and OSHA is poised to start fining companies again for not having ergonomic work-stations under the General Duty Clause which leads me to wonder:   Does OSHA want people to get injured so that they can collect fines from companies, or does OSHA want to prevent MSD’s which lead to disability?  Either way, there is a Right to Know clause, and people have a right to know how ergonomics could affect them.

After the Ergonomics Standard was repealed, OSHA was going to go industry by industry to set new standards, and the only industry they went forward with was nursing under Elaine Chao and then they stopped.  Now as of 2014, OSHA is going back to fining companies under the General Duty Clause while only the Forturne 500 companies have ergonomics programs.