Work ergonomically to minimize risk factors for MSD’s!   What are MSD’s?   Preventable injuries that lead to disabilities.

We are seeking the best ergonomics products and / or combinations of products to help identify and reduce ergonomic risk factors for the development of cumulative trauma disorders (CTD’s), also known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s).

We are currently seeking a manufacturer / manufacturer (s) for the OhPillow, the Buttpillow-Original, Buttpillow-Ergo, Buttpillow-Executive and the Buttpillow-Prego.

I have prototypes of the OhPillow  and three of the Buttpillow cushion models to send to interested manufacturers in the United States and will be posting photos soon of the prototype OhPillow and the three different models of the Patented Ergonomic Seating Cushion (Buttpillow).  Three different models of the Buttpillow were made and sold in the United States previously — the Original, Ergo, and Executive.

The OhPillow is very similar to the doughnut pillow;  however, it has a patented, scalloped cut-out that elevates the peri-anal area without creating a ring of pressure that can cut off blood flow to the area.

The Buttpillow-Original and Ergo are similar to the wedge cushion (which positions forward-leaning computer users to maintain their lumbar curve while sitting) for reduction of risk factors for back pain; however, they also reduce sitting surface pressures and elevate the peri-anal area with the patented scalloped cut-out to relieve and prevent pain of hemorrhoids and prostatitis, etc.

The Buttpillow-Original has a two layer design with a slight forward incline for individuals who spend part of their day leaning forward and part of their day using their backrest.

The Buttpillow-Ergo has a three layer design and more of a forward incline to help maintain a natural lumbar curve for individuals who spend most of their day leaning forward while working.

The Buttpillow-Executive elevates the peri-anal area and has a slight rearward incline for individuals who are able to lean back and use their backrest most of the day.

The Buttpillow-Prego is designed to help women during pregnancy maintain a healthy lumbar curve, while elevating the peri-anal area for reduction of sitting related pain.  The Buttpillow-Prego is designed to minimize sitting surface pressures, relieve and prevent sitting-related vaginal and peri-anal pain as well as back pain during pregnancy.  The Prego is also designed to minimize the only external risk factor for low birth weight babies, which is the extreme lumbar curve experienced during the third trimester of pregnancy that can reduce the blood flow to the growing fetus (and cause back pain).

Any cushion manufacturers who may be interested,  please contact Melanie Loomos, Inventor at the above E-Mail or Darren Salinger, M.D., OB/GYN (ErgoDoc) at dsalinger@yahoo.com.