I like WordPress.com Better

Just a little note to all those people who have been told Wordpress.org is better. I have found after two years of experimentation, that Wordpress.com is better.

After trying WordPress.org and WordPress.com for two years, I think WordPress.com is better.

Every time I tried to get any help from a host (other than WordPress.com), the host offered to build me a web site for $5,000 or more.  It has happened two times.

Building a Web Site is Hard

I even built a web site on wordpress.org — buttpillow.com — and I haven’t been able to do anything with it.  I paid extra to have the best firewall and used Gutenberg, but allegedly Gutenberg was taking up too much space; so If my firewall is up, all my pages get re-routed with errors.

Right now my firewall is down so I can’t sell anything.   I still don’t have a cart after almost a year because my firewall cannot be used even though I paid for it.  When I called to troubleshoot about the firewall situation recently, of course, they advised since I built buttpillow.com myself, they would need to rebuild it for $5,000 or more since they will not attach a cart to a web site unless they build said web site.

Moving Content Back to WordPress.com

I am in the process of moving the content from Buttpillow.com to buttpillows.net and then will set up my cart.

I hired a different expert to do the cart on Buttpillow.com, which is on WordPress.org Gutenberg.  We’ll see how that works out.

Just a little note to all those people that have been told WordPress.org is so much better than WordPress.com. . .I find it to be the opposite.